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Majin PetroskMajin Petrosk


Great work on your mods. I watched your tutorials and they were crucial in learning the basics of these mods. So I saw your vid regarding the patcher and I went ahead and purchased the steam version as I had been using codex before. I purchased the game on ps4 along with the season pass at launch, and I wanted to experiment with mods. But hopefully now the patcher will give me what I need.

I can change character skins, however when it comes to changing movesets and importantly skills, z souls, or anything that goes in the data/data2 folder would always crash the game. Will this patcher allow me to change skills and skins easily?

Also all of the replacements for the main characters have garbage stats. It looks like the z soul hack is required to boost their in game stats. Is this correct, because this is something else I could not mod since data or data2 would crash the game b4.


if you play Xenoverse in PS4, the mods will not work
mods only works in PC

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