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you need to take your CaC forehead, Face_base, Face_nose and Face_ear files and join them together into blender (or other 3d software) how to do it? select the esk (skeleton) and all files I said above, drag them into emdfbx (from libxenoverse tools) to get a fbx file with all model parts of the face import the fbx into blender (you CANNOT rotate the model) select the Face_base model (the one you see in your screens you show here) and press “Ctrl+J” after that you need to align the texture to the united face (I recommend to see tutorials about aligning) export to fbx (before saving the file, change the option “-ZForward” to YForward) and drag it to fbxemd now your Face_base are complete (to check if worked, drag it to xenoviewer)

I did all that but the head isn’t on the body. In xenoviewer the head is huge.

Nevermind, I solved it.