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Rule #1.1: Dont reupload someone elses mod!!!

You used a female Broly bust model someone else made and a SSJ4 bust model made by kthxbai.

Rule #2.6: Keep adult content or content displaying overly acts of violence in a spoiler while posting a warning about the images ahead.

The female SSJ4 bust was sexually explicit, this stuff is not supposed to be in the mod data base.

Mods with sexually explicit content can be shared on this website, but you have to offer the download link in your own thread in the Texture and Model Mods board, hidden in a spoiler with a warning ahead.

Those are the rules your upload violated.


First, the broly bust was created by me it took me 3 weeks.So I created it not someone else.
Second, tanks for informing about the ssj4 bust coz i did not know who created it. It was in my computer files. I try to find the creator and  was hoping  that some one knew. But now I know and I will ask his permission.
Finally can someone tell me how to put the link hidden in a spoiler