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Hi Dkzeria PR.

Sorry I was very busy.

I’m not sure to understand yours problem. Ean Organizer is about switching animations in a Ean file (generaly from another).

“So i’m trying to add back the animation to BDK which has tail with GK4 EAN file ” => you try to put GK4’s animations to erase BDK ‘s animations ? just on tail, or all bones’s animations  ?
“the camera is a mess” => it’s about “” files right ?  I didn’t try to change camera’s animation  with EanOrganizer, but I had seen that is the same kind of animation than classic ean file, so you could try to load .

The EanOrganizer as a little tools , done in couple of hours, because some peopele ask for that.  The goal after is to done a better tools in Xenoviewer, with a better UI to manipulate animations.