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BH Daimaouji

I see many unknown dbz mods like xicor, broly af, gohan absalon…etc I have watched every db thing (db, z, gt ,s) but i dnt know what absalon is.. coul anyone explain it or send a link please???? Really Appreciated.


DBA is a fan series made after Goku went with Shenlong, Pan is married to Super Oob/Boob/Ooboo (so does that make Goku jr black?) , apparently Bardock returns, with a beard and a moustache


DBAF (Dragon Ball After future, called DB “April Fools” by retards) is a fan made series by fans that takes place after DBGT, it features the return of Goku as SSJ5 who fights Xicor

A fan named Toyble made a 4 volume manga about it, a fan of nick YoungJiji made a darker manga about it too

Funny, Gohan’s SSJ3 and SSJ4 forms, Bardock’s SSJ1 to SSJ3 forms and Broli’s SSJ3 and SSJ4 forms from DB games have origins in DBAF

Rumor about it on kanzenshuu

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Naturally i followed suit, with my fanfic that takes place 100 years in the future with me as a main villian, Goku turns back to Kakarotto etc. It stopped at “episode”24