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Well that’s pretty freaking good made, now i know why everyone believed that it was original, and yes, AF came with the SSJ5 and SSJ6 transformations, and absalon came with the variants of that transformations, but not all of them were included in the animation, SSJ4 Absalon (SSJ4 With black eyes) and the one that actually is in the animation, SSJ5 Absalon (SSJ5 with black eyes), but there was not SSJ6, haha, one fact, the SSJ6 transformation was the the one people expected to be the Super Saiyan God in the movie “Battle of Gods” but since the GT timeline got deleted by akira, they dint use it, good decision by the way, imagine what beerus could have done against a Super Saiyan 6, the movie would end really fast. XD