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Majin PetroskMajin Petrosk

I have a few questions about editing .dyt files. You mention the settings to use when saving, but not when opening a file. I get asked if I want to load default sizes (I assume yes) or a few other options, load mipmaps or not…I’m not sure what I should do with those. Also you mention which profile to use when saving alpha or not, but how do I know if I need to save with alpha or not? I am trying to edit a transforming hair’s transformation color, but upon saving my recolored file and repacking, it caused some issues ingame. Specifically Loris Cangini’s transformable Gohan hairpack has his long hairstyle with and without the Dragonball hat…when I open the .dyt in Photoshop and change the hue sliders, it changes it for all of the strips of color on there which seem to also include the colors for the hat. So when I save and repack, the hat becomes visible again, clipping through my hair…see attached pic. BTW I have a DDS viewer that I had for Skyrim and I can use this to preview the extracted .dyt files…I also attach a comparison of how the file looks when I open in that for viewing, vs. I open in Photoshop to edit. The other strips for hat color are not visible in the first, but appear when I open in Photoshop. So I feel like I am missing some detail for opening or saving .dyt file to only change color, and not mess up the model.

when you open in photoshop you don’t need to change nothing in that window

the problem you have now is saving without alpha layer, in order to hide hair parts, like Gohan’s hat
and this tutorial only show how to change colors and not hiding parts to create transformable stuff
the different in saving setting is: instead choosing the option “no Alpha (DXT1)” which delete the Alpha Layer, you need to choose the option “Interpolated Alpha (DTX5)”

hope this help you

btw thanks for using my bust and hands mods 😉

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