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Val E RyonVal E Ryon

Hey. Based on your later questions I guess you are referring to kthxbai’s transformation tutorial. That’s pretty outdated. We have no black lines on our transformations anymore, check out this video:


I made a more up-to-date tutorial in octobre or something, but it is still dependant on kthxbais’. I’ll update it soon.

Also, you’d be surprised how many professionals are among us; Sol Negro is a multimedia something in real life, Komodo studied the stuff at college and HeirTalent is working for Disney as 3d artist and animator, to only mention 3 of them. We have a couple more semi-professionals, and then there’s the amateurs like me 😛

Now to your questions:

  1. Correct, done by bones. However, it’s not that easy to “add” bones to the skeleton format used by the game engine. Even so, we now can do even that. It’s hella complex and not working perfectly yet, but we’re working on it and it’ll soon be a thing. That doesn’t mean we can do with the skeleton whatever the hell we want, we are limited to combining two originals. We can’t even do something as simple as rescale it.
  2. No. Everything in that direction is done by the game engine itself, through a file format that is called .ean, physics effects on models however are applied by .scd. Transformation is triggered by .cus and .bcs, independantly of any animations.
  3. Correct. It’s the texture. Insignificant now because we were able to fix it.
  4. Wouldn’t call it “serious”, really. It’s hardly being noticed.