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Yes I’m Serious Petrosk (Im totally Fucking Serious)

Just see his new so called ‘Ultimate’ Xenoverse Video and you’ll notice that he is using my Tenkaichi UI background MOD ( a.k.a World Tournament Background ) without even asking me first on this site / on facebook / even on twitter / also his last goku’s costume slot is tracksuit goku which I’M pretty sure Sol made it First, Even in his ‘Wrath of Xicor Pack’ GT Goten was made by Samy a long ago and he just took that Model shaded it in his so called ‘Cell-Shading’ (which looks like its all wet or something) and just remodeled his Hair Even look at his his Xicor, now if you downloaded HeirTalent’s Xicor and compared it with his you’ll notice no major difference just he altered the coloring of his clothes (Black-Green insted of Green-Green) also Goku Jr. and Vegeta Jr. were made by ItsMeChallat in the Past. Even when I first Saw his TrueXV 5 video you’ll even notice that the last slot of Gohan is the Otherworld Gohan’s costume which again was made by Samy in his Gohan’s Costumes Pack Even his Baby Vegeta Mod – Xan / Super Gogeta Mod – Xan / Gohan SS4 – Melpontro / SS5 hair – HeirTalent / Sonic – Mastaklo and Sol /And I’m not saying that I hate this guy a lot ( heck I even loved his Enter the Dragon Pack and Vegeta GT and Goku GT from Wrath of Xicor ) The thing is that when he makes his own Mods his mods are Great but only some of his mods are Self-Made and most of them are Stolen Also if you want to Remodel other People’s Costumes Just ask them First and Credit them in the Mod Description – it wont hurt your ego if you typed the original Modder’s name in the description Even Kataki Credits his stolen Mods in his videos and in the description box And why dont you Upload it Here on This Site if Everything is Fine and what you do is all Self-Made , eh?No! Because It is NOT! So don’t Say that you made this Stuff all by Yourself and Credit the Modders if you want to Use their Mods rather than Stealing.

TOME Remodelling other people’s MODs into your own “Shading” and giving it some Fancy name doesn’t mean that you’re a Great Modder and I’M pretty pissed about that !

And, also You ain’t Legend buddy Sol Negro IS a Legend (along with Heir, Xan, Mastaklo and Val)