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I respect you a lot Val and many other great Modders out there but it doesn’t seem fair to me that agwang is using MY background MOD in his ‘Ultimate Xenoverse’ pack without my permission

Look, the thing is Val i know many of the mods which are being uploaded here on this site are very easy to do and we don’t do them just because they are easy to do but that does not make them our MODs unless we release it first, look I started modding DBXV like just 3-4 months ago so I didnot know that you discovered how how to change the background to World Tournament so when I discovered it and I released it I think that makes it MY mod and not yours.
And also, look Sol makes incredible mods like what, every week and he could make half of the character mods that are on this site being uploaded if he’d wanted to but that doesn’t mean he is the original modder of all those Mods..
what I’m trying to say here Val is that If you modded something before and didn’t release it (or else didn’t want to release it) but Someone else also figured it out and released it , it makes HIS mod not yours SO he has every right to be angry when he sees his mods being stolen

and you say that agwang isn’t taking or doing things what I’M trying to say, which to me I’m sure he pretty much IS so let’s take Kataki for example
he took your (or anyone’s mods) as a base, did the heavy BCS edit by himself ( just like agwang ) did all the remodelling by himself ( just like agwang ), did all the shading by himself ( just like agwang ) and btw, (H-Graphics has been given permission to use) and also credited you (or anyone) in his videos and in the description ( not like agwang who does not credit )
SO now tell me Val why is he a ‘mod thief’ and not a modder ( just like agwang ), is it because he isn’t helping your friend , is it because his name isn’t Legendary , is it because he doesn’t give Fancy names to his MOD packs , is it because he has a low end PC and doesn’t make “Epic” videos to showcase them , or is it just because you don’t like that guy.
I kinda prefer the last reason but it won’t matter the fact that he is considered thief and is ‘banned’ from here due to some stupid egos of the Moderators.
And I might be wrong about what I said earlier that he didn’t livestream GT Goten or any of his previous Mods, making them right from scratch as It so happens I don’t have 24/7 h-speed Internet in My house to watch his 2-3 hrs. livestreams which I am very much sorry for BUT,
I don’t like what agwang does and I most certainly donot like him but as long as he removes MY background MOD from his pack, then It’s all good.
I respect only those people who deserve it ( you should probably know that by now )and hate those who definitely deserve it, its just the way I am and that is not some ‘category A’ bullshit, it is a fact.
And as far as the rules go Val I don’t see any rule written by mastaklo about not Complaining if your MOD is being stolen (there’s also a report button below the download button to address cases like this) or you guys just made that rule now just to defend you’re beloved agwang And I donot mind getting banned from here just because My MOD is getting used without my permission and I’M making “false accusations” to get ‘attention’ As long as I know that I’m true.