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Majin PetroskMajin Petrosk

Now I will make you a question
how do you know if the mod is yours and not him? you don’t know that unless you made some signature in your mod
I won’t talk about him because I don’t know him but I, for example, like to made mods by myself, even if it appears visually similar, that’s why I never made a request ever in forums
I still remember my first mod I made by downloading one of Javituchi’s mods to learn how he made that and try to do myself
even if you was the first to discovery how to make a mod like that and later someone make a very similar mod, doesn’t mean that person stole your mod
being the first to discovery a new method to mod is no reason from others being prevented to do the same for them own

this is my opinion
here and in others forums are some similars mods, some better than others
When I made my Future Gohan from scratch, in forums (here, AGM and DBXVmods) already existed a few Future Gohan mods, this make me being a thief mod? the answer is no

if you go now to Images Section, you will find a user who use an eye mod very similar to my mod, by using the tutorial I made, it makes him a thief mod?

I hope you understand my point of view
you cannot accuse someone by stealing something what you aren’t 100% sure of it

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