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The Mad Titan

I respect you a lot Val and many other great Modders out there but it doesn’t seem fair to me that agwang is using MY background MOD in his ‘Ultimate Xenoverse’ pack without my permission Look, the thing is Val i know many of the mods which are being uploaded here on this site are very easy to do and we don’t do them just because they are easy to do but that does not make them our MODs unless we release it first, look I started modding DBXV like just 3-4 months ago so I didnot know that you discovered how how to change the background to World Tournament so when I discovered it and I released it I think that makes it MY mod and not yours. And also, look Sol makes incredible mods like what, every week and he could make half of the character mods that are on this site being uploaded if he’d wanted to but that doesn’t mean he is the original modder of all those Mods.. what I’m trying to say here Val is that If you modded something before and didn’t release it (or else didn’t want to release it) but Someone else also figured it out and released it , it makes HIS mod not yours  

yeah this doesnt work like that. we do not own the copyright for you to make a claim like that. Mastaklo figured out how to change the chara select screen, Then I learned how to do it from him and shared it to the Z team . Yes val did this first. does this make him the owner of that mod ? no. but does that make him the owner of his version ? absolutely… People make the same mod again and again. But this doesnt make the first one to do the mod the owner of all the other versions of the same mod. for example different people made super gogeta. but the first one to make one was xan. Some people who made super gogeta mods afterwards stole xans super gogetas hair. and some like me made mine from scratch. so does this make xan the modder who made all super gogeta mods? no some indeed stole from him. but not all. anyone is free to make their own mods. as long as they are not stolen from another modder .(using something that another guy made without permission) but the rules dont say it is stealing when you use the ingame resources to make your own version of a mod that has been done before.

and no I am not an agwang fan. neither is Val. I did think he was stealing mods for a while then i got to know he atleast acquired some sort of skill. i have been observing. I think i have a lot of beef with agwang but i cannot allow ignorant comments tarnish someones name. get more modding knowledge. then your views will change. grow up . and stop being so ignorant.