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Majin PetroskMajin Petrosk

Hey bro, sorry for being stubborn, but can you do these sexy versions of Videl? Future Videl – Future Gohan’s wife (yes that’s Bardock’s like bandana) Her moves are: Masenko Makankosappo aka Special beam cannon/Demon ray Shock wave aka Dirty fireworks (you know, the move Goku used on Chi-Chi) Videl – Mystic Gohan’s wife I don’t imagen her moves yet, but a Masenko is ok i geuss

sorry I don’t have interest to create those version of Videl
make your request in request section and maybe someone will do this for you

My name is Majin Petrosk, after a life in hellish future, I was summoned by Shenlong with only one goal - to save the Time.
With Trunks and Supreme Kai of Time helping in my crusade I defeat Demigra. But somehow I become a god.
Now I'm someone else. I am something else.