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sorry, i cant enter on my original account so i dissapeared for a while…

‫محمد حسام‬‎ – you need to copy all the character model files, some parts has only one id and other parts has a lot, so copy the entire model with a single id for each slot (000, 001, 002) also you will need to edit the entire BCS file to make each slot load a complete model, in the first slot code, use 00 for all codes (000), in the second, use 01 (001) and keep like that, remember to convert the 3 digit ID in the model files to hex, so it will fit in the BCS file.

if the model vanishes, it’s because you are using an invalid model id or you dint converted the id to hex code, be sure to have a model with the corresponding id for each code you are using, if there isn’t one, just copy one of the existing one’s and rename it.

and i dont know yet how to add or remove the obi and skirt.

iTech – the face code are the first lines of each slot config, the are located before the first character id (GOK) there you can change the pallete and model, and th hair and others are located in the end of the file (i knew this thanks to VAL E RYON)