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Thanks, I’ve used the wrong emb… Now, another issue. Why this happen? çç

bust no rigged, check tutorials about rigging (maybe the Val’s Tutorial is the best for you if you have 3ds max too)

Thanks, about that tutorial, when he say to split the model in parts, i’ve done it in this way:

1) Add Edit Mesh modifier.
2) Select Face.
3)Select the parts to split and click Detach.

So, i’ve done it, then i’ve added the skin modified to all parts.

So, I exported the files (fbx format), after I made them return .emd, and turned them back into fbx together with the files i’ve selected for the bones(bust and pants). But after this the skins modifier are disappeared, and even the pants and the bust i chose.

What is the problem?

Can you explain me the process? @[email protected]