(4/10/2017) = Anti-Cheat //serious impact to the modding community (EAC)

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    Anti-cheat is arriving. This is serious. More people in the modding community need to be made aware of what’s happening in order to prevent more players from being game banned tomorrow. Supposedly if people are flagged for a ban; not only are they banned from the XV2 servers but they also receive a “game ban” indication on their Steam profiles.

    Cosmetic mods are said not to be affected but character mods, roster mods, super soul mods, trainers, god mode, ect.
    If you already own XV2 on Steam then it is legal to then download a cracked version of the game and carry out your modded activities on the cracked copy.

    Potentially “EAC” so heads up.


    All Mods get screwed over with this but as long as you aren’t worried about playing online you can do something very simple to get it to not lock down your game and kill your mods. Just open your DBXV2 folder and take the EasyAntiCheat_x64.dll out of the anticheat folder, don’t even have to move it further then into the main DBXV2 folder, the game will then load without the anticheat tool and just restrict you from multiplayer…it’s a tad annoying though since it lets you know the game was loaded without EAC everytime you swap characters or go to the main menu for anything….

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