How do I create textures for new models? (SOLVED)

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    Are there any texture tutorials out there that’s clear/easy to understand? Mastaklo’s tutorial was just confusing for me and other tutorials were about editing textures, which don’t help me as I have a new model. Or if anyone can provide a step-by-step tutorial i’d be grateful, it can be either be 3ds max or blender.



    really need help with texturing


    I have never needed to create a whole new model with its own dyt.emb texture mapping before….. If you’re asking how to make the game apply these new DYT.EMB textures with a custom EMM file, then I’m afraid I just don’t know…

    But if you’re asking to apply new EMB textures to a model, then you need to just set the model right-side up in Blender, deselect the eyeball on the top right next to the skeleton so it stops viewing and selecting the skeleton, and then keep pressing the “A” key on the model until it highlights completely orange. Then go to Edit mode in the little dropdown menu below it that would probably be defaulted to “Object Mode”.

    Then you need to drag out a new window into Blender…. which means you pull the top right line over to make a separate pane. After that, set THIS window’s mode to “UV Image Editor”. Then open your image and select the material meshes of the model parts that need to be textured. Use the “G” key to basically move your selection, use the “S” key and then the X, Y, or Z keys to resize your selection on a coordinate plane, and I think you can hold down the “B” key while clicking and dragging over vertices to select multiple at a time. I believe the scroll wheel will zoom in and out.

    Just align the points according to your eye, and zoom in as much as needed. After that, you export the model at a scale of 1.00. You might also need to flip the EMB images vertically and then repack them, since Xenoverse 2 oddly loads up its models in a mirrored way.

    3D modeling is not my forte. If someone can explain this better, please do. 🙂

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    thanks for the reply but I managed to figure it out by myself. Its not perfect but hey.

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