Can't baypass level 80 cap.

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    I was level 67 and use’d XV2 Save game editor.

    First of all i tried to level 90 and saw it wont let me pass the guru cap, so i changed my player card to 100% in guru’s house but still cant pass it even tho i completed all his mission and changed it to 100%,

    One more issue that i found is that it wont let me level up never, like i changed my level from 67 to 68, and i’ts typing “0 score to level up”, the level don’t matters, it will allways type this.

    Anyone can help me out here :)?

    Thanks, Omer.


    My game told me about the Guru level-cap upgrade at a weird point in time…. It was right after I finished one of Turles’ mentor quests… But it WAS right after Guru gave me the distorted time egg.

    I think the game forces you to unlock Guru’s stat cap upgrade, and then Nail needs to let you enter his house whenever you want, and then after you’ve completed a certain amount of mentor quests (or quests in general? idk), Guru informs you that you can level up to 90. You would still need to go through the missions since even though the game considers them cleared, you still haven’t triggered the game’s event that lets you raise the level cap.

    It’s just like the unlock all characters and variations achievement. Do you unlock the achievement because you technically unlocked all characters and costumes through the patcher feature? Nope. The game is programmed to determine that you’ve unlocked the last character as either a Dragon Ball wish or Super Saiyan 4 Goku (if you still get him after clearing all PQs, idk).

    I really don’t know what the “0 score to level up” thing could mean… That one’s a headscratcher.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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