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    Hi Hi,

    I tried modding it myself but im not very good at it… so if someone can point me to a tutorial which I can follow I will try it myself.

    What I want is to change the hair of the Female Super Saiyan which looks weird on transformation.

    Hair Type 13 stays flat even in ssj 1 or 2 which is offcourse not real SSJ 😛

    So my question is if someone can change it so that the hair become hair type 7 on transformation to ssj 1 and 2 (3 is fine as it is).

    If it is easier to use SSJ Goku or Trunks hair that good as well. I just can’t stand the flat SSJ hair anymore 😛

    Thanks in advance for anyone willing to help me 🙂


    Hi Hi
    So one thing you need to know is that most of the mods nowadays are in the form of x2m files so you will need to download and install
    the patcher:

    the mod installer itself:

    Once that’s done download this mod and once you’ve installed the version of the mod you want you just have to change the “297” and “298” files to change the hairstyle

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    Thanks for the quick reply and nice tut!
    I can become a SSJG and SSJB now… even more then I hoped for!
    That Blue hair with KK is insane. You got me adicted to Xenoverse again 😉

    Installation went quick and easy with the sites you gave so thanks for that as well.

    Only changing SSJ hair is still not working for me 🙁
    Probably i’m doing something wrong so I hope you can point me in the right direction again 🙂

    Here are the steps I take:
    – go to ..\New Transformations 1.7.1\5. EXTRA Files\Alternate transformed hair styles & eyes\female hair
    – copy HUF_015_Hair.emd and HUF_015_Hair.emm to my desktop
    – rename HUF_015_Hair.emd and HUF_015_Hair.emm on my desktop to HUF_297_Hair.emd and HUF_297_Hair.emm
    – copy  HUF_297_Hair.emd and HUF_297_Hair.emm from my desktop to ..\DRAGON BALL XENOVERSE 2\data\chara\HUF
    copy HUF_015_Hair.emd and HUF_015_Hair.emm to my desktop again
    – rename HUF_015_Hair.emd and HUF_015_Hair.emm on my desktop to HUF_298_Hair.emd and HUF_298_Hair.emm
    – copy  HUF_298_Hair.emd and HUF_298_Hair.emm from my desktop to ..\DRAGON BALL XENOVERSE 2\data\chara\HUF

    I tried another mod to make sure I am using the “right” data folder and that one works (I used the everything for sale in shops mod and it works)

    Hopefully you can give me the last push for this 🙂


    Which skill are you using? I know if you use the default super saiyan skill then your hair wont change, you have to use the new skills that have been added. That’s the only thing I can think of atm unless another mod is colliding with the transformation one however, I highly doubt that.

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    I am starting to feel like a kiss -ss but again you helped me alot.

    So Thanks!!!!

    I thought that replacing the files in the data folder worked regardless BUT the default transformations are not affected.
    This is stated in the README file of the mod but I understand it wrong. The default transformations are unaffected no matter what files you change 🙂

    Picked the newly added skill and voila it works AND I can change the hair style.

    No more flat super saiyan hair, Yay 😀

    You have my thanks, Kudo’s and eternal gratitude!



    Do you use one of the skills included in the added skills mod or do you have to make your own? I’m trying to change Male Super Saiyan hair to the Goku style for SSJ1 and 2 (specifically using hair style 11, or 010 as the file is called).



    In the mod there where 2 files. One for custom awakening and a second one to “enable” the hair change. I picked the “Vegeta 3” Awake since it gives me a custom hairstyle for SSJ1 and 2 while maintaining 3. I could even change the hairstyle for 1 and 2 seperatly to make SSJ2 “more spiky”

    The mod cames packed with several awakes in it so you can install and change right away 🙂 No create-your-own-skill-skills needed (GOOD since I don’t have them 🙂 )


    I got it working now. Thanks for the help


    I just found this .bcs that allows you to change the saiyans hair styles without using any different skills, if your interested.

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