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    link to get msg editor:

    file->load will load a msg file. msg files are all in the msg folder. there is an image below telling what some of the commonly edited files are.  97% of all msg files have only 1 line per message how does this program work: when it reads the file it breaks the file down into its components and places it into array.  when it writes the msg for saving it reconstructs it into a new file with the changes.  just for those who are curious, i can add the feature to add stuff to msg files.  

    Kyle Duey

    I was trying to edit SSJ God Goku’s name to be (Naruto) in this editor. But when I saved. Nothing happened. So now. I’m editing the character name msg file manually in HxD


    I tried editing some of the dialogue files (to change dub names to original ex. Tien to Tenshinhan) but I get error

    “index was outside the bounds of the array”

    What does it mean and how to fix?

    Majin PetroskMajin Petrosk

    hat does it mean and how to fix?

    the Mugen’s msg tool only works with proper_xxxx files
    others than that will not work

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    so for other than proper_xxxx files we have to use HxD, but how can you find the offset to change the name since it has 5 numbers instead of 4 like the proper_ files. I mean for the proper_ ones if the offset was 1234 u were searching for 3412, when the offset is 12345 what are u supposed to look for..?

    You'll Never Walk Alone

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