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    Hey guys, Sami Ansari aka Electro Shark here, and I’m new to this community but let me just start off by saying this, that you guys are awesome and I absolutely LOVE what each and every one of you are doing. Now, I saw this request section and I wanna add a few requests of my own – so please hear me out. I’ve noticed that there aren’t many good classic Dragon Ball mods here, so here’s my list. Can anyone here make a mod pack containing all the characters from Dragon Ball? They don’t need to be very powerful, but I just think it’ll be fun to see our classic childhood icons come back and see how they might fare against the new ones and their adult counterparts. Well here’s my list in detail, hope you all like it and feel the same;


    1) “Goku (Kid)” with tail and staff

    costumes:- Vest and Pajama, Turtle Hermit Gi, Blue Gi

    2) “Krillin (Kid)”

    costumes:- Monk Suit (on entry), Turtle Hermit Gi, Suit and Hat

    3) “Chichi (Kid)”

    costumes:- the gimpy panties, bra and helmet she wears as a kid :p

    4) “Master Roshi”

    costumes:- Turtle Hermit Outfit, Suit and Hat

    5) “Yamcha”

    costumes:- Bandit Outfit (on entry), Turtle Hermit Gi

    6) “Tien”

    costumes:- doesn’t really matter tbh but 2/3 ones he had in the original series

    7) “Grandpa Gohan”

    costumes:- his usual outfit and hat

    8) “Goku (Teen)”

    costumes:- Turtle Hermit Gi, Turtle Hermit Gi (w/o undershirt, cuffs and shoes) Turtle Hermit Gi (shirtless)

    9) “Krillin (Teen)”

    costumes:- Turtle Hermit Gi

    10) “Chichi (Teen)”

    costumes:- Martial Arts Tournament Outfit

    11) “Android 8”

    costumes:- Android Outfit

    12) “Launch”

    costumes:- Good Launch (blue hair), Evil Launch (yellow hair)


    Well, that’s it guys. I know it might be a lot, but an addition of these guys in our roster will really make the game more fun. It’ll be challenging for all of us to fight our adult counterparts and will really bring back some golden memories for us Dragon Ball fans.

    One important thing to note here, is that the Kid characters mustn’t be too overpowered or bulky to look at, with huge muscles because we’ll have to make them look younger and realistic. I think the character model for Goku GT, Kid Gohan and Goten  would work perfectly for making Goku and Krillin, but retaining their original movesets from their adult models with no ki supers except the kamehameha. Strike supers like the Orin Combo or Meteor Crash would work nicely enough.

    For the Teen Goku, I personally think the height and built of Teen Gohan would work great, with the moveset of Adult Goku would work well. Teen Krillin can pretty much look identical to his adult form, but we’ll have to make him look younger and a bit skinnier. As for Teen Chichi here, I guess the standard HUF CaC moveset would be fine as we never really get to see how she poses during a fight, with no ki supers in her skill list except maybe the kamehameha which Goku might teach her after getting married. We’ll have to keep in mind that Chichi has to be the weakest one here, probably as strong as Yamcha.

    Yamcha and Tien can pretty much move and act the same since nothing’s different about them except maybe Yamcha’s hairstyle. Master Roshi and Grandpa Gohan can have the same moveset and skills as Krillin (in-game version) it doesn’t matter.

    Well, thanks everyone for making it till the end. I hope you guys read this and will fulfill my request soon. I can’t wait for this to happen.. 🙂

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