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    Female Human and Female Saiyan List:
    Hairstyle 1: HUF_006_Hair -> Custom Character Middle Hair Right Side
    Hairstyle 2: HUF_001_Hair -> Android 18’s Hair Left Side
    Hairstyle 3: HUF_002_Hair -> Custom Character Middle Hair Sleepy Style 1
    Hairstyle 4: HUF_003_Hair -> Custom Character Middle Hair Child Gohan Similar
    Hairstyle 5: HUF_004_Hair -> Custom Character Middle Hair Teen Gohan Similar
    Hairstyle 6: HUF_005_Hair -> Child Gohan’s Hair Frieza Saga
    Hairstlye 7: HUF_000_Hair -> Custom Character Middle Spiky Hair
    Hairstyle 8: HUF_007_Hair -> Custom Character Middle-Short Spiky Hair
    Hairstyle 9: HUF_008_Hair -> Yancha’s Hair
    Hairstyle 10: HUF_009_Hair -> Custom Character Middle Hair Divided
    Hairstyle 11: HUF_010_Hair -> Custom Character Middle Hair Teen Bulma Similar Right Side
    Hairstyle 12: HUF_011_Hair -> Custom Character Middle Hair Ponytails
    Hairstyle 13: HUF_012_Hair -> Custom Character Middle Hair Ponytail
    Hairstyle 14: HUF_013_Hair -> Custom Character Middle Hair Adult Videl Similar
    Hairstyle 15: HUF_014_Hair -> Custom Character Short Hair Divided
    Hairstyle 16: HUF_015_Hair -> Custom Character Short Hair Spiky Child Trunks SSJ Similar
    Hairstyle 17: HUF_016_Hair -> Android 18’s Hair Right Side
    Hairstyle 18: HUF_017_Hair -> Custom Character Middle Hair Left Side
    Hairstyle 19: HUF_018_Hair -> Custom Character Middle-Long Hair Divided
    Hairstyle 20: HUF_019_Hair -> Custom Character Middle Hair Teen Bulma Similar Left Side
    Hairstyle 21: HUF_020_Hair -> Custom Character Long Hair with Band>
    Male Human and Male Saiyan List:
    Hairstyle 1: HUM_006_Hair -> Custom Hair Middle Spiky
    Hairstyle 2: HUM_001_Hair -> Custom Hair Middle-Short Spiky
    Hairstyle 3: HUM_002_Hair -> Custom Hair Middle Right Sided
    Hairstyle 4: HUM_003_Hair -> Recoome’s Hair
    Hairstyle 5: HUM_004_Hair -> Adult Gohan’s Hair
    Hairstyle 6: HUM_005_Hair -> Android 17’s Hair
    Hairstlye 7: HUM_000_Hair -> Custom Hair Middle Teen Gohan Similar
    Hairstyle 8: HUM_007_Hair -> Yancha’s Hair
    Hairstyle 9: HUM_008_Hair -> Child Gohan’s Hair Frieza Saga
    Hairstyle 10: HUM_009_Hair-> Bald
    Hairstyle 11: HUM_010_Hair -> Custom Hair Middle Spiky Child Trunks SSJ Similar
    Hairstyle 12: HUM_011_Hair -> Custom Hair Middle Left Sided
    Sorry, I don’t play Xenoverse 1 anymore and can’t give new updates.
    Please close this topic.



    What is the SSJ3 ID? thanks!



    what is potential unleashed hair id ?


    whats ssj3 id

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    SSJ 035_Hair
    SSJ2 036_Hair
    SSJ3 299_Hair



    I cant seem to change the ssj3 hair style, i can do it fine with ssj1 and ssj2 but ssj3 doesnt change when i put new files in 🙁



    What is the hair id for ssbss???

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