(HELP!) Blender model came out wrong in game (First time using Blender)

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    I combined Piccolo’s ears to Super Buu’s face emd file. I also edited his horn thing a bit too.


    It looked pretty nice in Blender, but came out all wrong in game.


    Is it because I only edited the emd and not the other files? please HELP!

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    Majin PetroskMajin Petrosk

    when exporting to fbx you need to change the forward to “Y Forward” and also change the scale factor (dont know the right number now)

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    many things could cause this.

    • didn’t include the esk file when converting emd to fbx
    • deleted the XXX_bas_bone tree (created if you include the esk file) in blender
    • didn’t assign a bone tree to a submesh
    • deleted/renamed vertex group entries in the submesh level (b_C_Head, b_C_Pelvis, etc)
    • no bone entry in the bone tree/esk with the same name as a vertex group entry in the submesh (for example, a_X_sword1 entry do not exist in HUF.esk, but exist in TRX.esk)

    Thanks I found that out just yesterday :D.


    Ok I’m finally getting the hang of it. I fixed it so that my head is the right size and isn’t broken. But the colors aren’t on it, even though I put the submeshes names in the emm with color. and the head isn’t animated.

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