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    Hey there, i wanted to make some Characters with Dope Transformations also the Model shall change, well..

    I dont know how to create one, and i would love to have someone who can explain it to me, or just show it to me.

    I know how to make an Awaken with Purification but thats all. I wanted to use Lazybones SSB Transformation Animation for the Awaken, but i dont know how to change the Model after he transforms, so im asking u guys.

    Also thats only for private use.


    you need to use the skillcreator to do the transformation by entering it you will have 7 tabs, each one of them has own tasks first tab you use to put names in your skills and to put the version of your creation, its name etc, the second tab is where the magic happens la you will choose the folder where you will extract the files of the skill that you intend to do, good to 3 tab is simple is where you will release to which race of cacs that you will diponizar in the mall of the game and if it is transformation for your cacs never edit the model tab always leave -1 if not often it will ruin your transformation, good already on 4 Idb tab you can edit damage consumption of life ki that your transformation will give to your recptor always when choosing the health leaves in that format if you want to gain life 0.15 – 0.25 and it goes up always in this line never edit 0.53 or others because it will not change the game itself will not recognize this can cause the famame infinite loop, already 5 PUP tab, this is already more complex after it gets the way, just the ENTRY will serve to separate its transformations example,

    SSJ1 Entry 0 + SSJ2 ENTRY 1 click add and pot as many as you are thinking of creating, now the most important the 6 transformations tab following the same steps of the PUP you must by SSJ1 ENTRY 0 + SSJ2 ENTRY 1 ready to go down a little part of the auras you case use auras custom va in (use custum aura) and edit the values, in the rest to change the color of hairs va in bcs hair color and click get from, and change the color of your preference the same thing in eye bcs color. ready and the last tab has functionality only for more able people I do not advise you to move it and only if you know how to create clothes for the game otherwise it does not move.
    I hope I have helped with what little I know, my friend.
Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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