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    Hey guys.

    Really want to dig for some answers here, i’m having problems with the game hanging when I use a huf.bcs file for a transformable hair.

    Here the thing, I’ve followed the XV2patcher modding tutorial and Tryzick’s tutorial for hair transformation mods, I did this for HUM and it worked! So I added a couple other things into the mod, still fine game runs mods show up.

    So I wanted to mod the female saiyan transformation hair, followed instructions as before. I collected the HUF.bcs files from the same modder as the HUM. Put in the desired hair mod, in slot 036+ HUF.bcs file.  The result, game hangs when loading battles, a problem i’ve seen others mention but i’ve found no solution that fixes the HUF.bcs problem.

    Any advice, or could you point me in the direction of a forum or modder that has provided a solution!?




    There are 2 possibilities:

    1. If we assume that the HUF.bcs file is fine then you’re missing some files on the hair the file is adressing. Double check if the hairstyle(s) have all 4 files (emd, emm, dyt.emb, emb) and the right ID of course.
    2. The HUF.bcs is not set up correctly and needs to be fixed.

    You can find out how to mod your bcs file here . Though be careful the pointers in the original post are for the old file and won’t work on the bcs file from the 1.04 update. Someone posted the updated (1.04) pointers in the last post of the thread I think. Obviously you see yourself where the pointers should point when you edit the file.


    Hey thanks for passing on the info!

    I headed on over to the link you provided and followed up on some of those techniques, at this point I still failed to get it to work. I was using a raw HUF.bcs(pre 1.04) file that was extracted during the patching proccess given on this website.

    For point one i’m sure I have all the 4 files and named correctly,  i have already modded that file to show up in game as a selectable hair- and it works. …I wonder if that causes a conflict…?

    I guess i’ll keep digging around the website you linked me to, thanks!!



    Here’s an update: I got it to work!

    So thanks to @ysbag for the links, after double checking the other forums and being careful I found I had missed something, one thing… !

    So for the benefit of other anon’s, the method posted in the link to the other forums works, both male and female. Pay attention to all the parts you must edit and it will be fine.

    Haven’t done this for the update or DLC versions of the game yet. Also my mods are pretty simple, but basically the methods works. Here is links to a forum with modding software if anyone was wondering


    If you understand it, it’s a pretty easy mod the file. And it’s not hard to understand.

    You can use the old bcs file on the newest update but you will run into a few issues with the new equipment and the new SSB Kaiyoken skill and probably more. Can’t blindly follow the guide for the new bcs file though since the offsets change where you copy the hex data to, so you have to adjust the pointers.


    can eny1 tell me the code for ss1,2,3 transformable hair for hum.bcs?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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