Beginner here, could anyone help me with my awakened skill?

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    Hey everyone,

    The title pretty much says it all. I want to make a own awakened skill, but i don’t really have any idea of modding Xenoverse 2 and no tutorial i have found is actually helpfull. I get that this stuff is done in the skillcreator that comes with the modinstaller, i understand the most basic things about it, but my try based on a tutorial went horribly wrong. So if anyone could maybe guide me a little, maybe per Skype that would be much appreciated!


    To give some additional info: What i want to do is basically, make a skill for saiyans, that will allow them to use the standard super saiyan, but after that transform once more into Super Saiyan Blue. That would be a staged transformation akin to Pure progress and SSB Kaioken, in that it would need one to transform to Super Saiyan first and then to SSB, rather than skipping straight to SSB when the required Ki is there.


    Ok so after looking into things more deeply i have managed to get most of it to work. However i still have three problems:


    1. I started by copying the SSB Kaioken skill Goku uses, as that is the closest to what i want the final skill to be. However i sill have a problematic relic of it in my skill i can’t seem to get rid of: I keep loosing health when i turn SSB(Second transformation, akin to kaioken x10 for SSGSS Goku)
    2. I gave both forms a own name, the first is called Super Saiyan, the Second is called Super Saiyan Blue. But the display is rather wonky. The skill itself works fine, but even if i am untransformed it still shows SSB when i have 500 ki, even though you cannot go straight to ssb. Similary, it will show SSB even when i am transformed and have below 500 ki which should make it the prompt to transform back into base form.
    3. Animations. All of them. The camera is all over the place, and for the animations it stays at the two animations that SSB Goku uses when he goes trough his kaioken stages. How exactly do i change these? I assume it’s something about the ean, ean.cin and bac files, but i have zero idea about these. I can get them into an xml file just fine, but i have no idea where to go from there.


    EDIT: Was able to fix Problem 1 by now, switching out the U-08 in the PUP Tab. So only Problem 2 and 3 are left.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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