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    After digging in the Dragonball Series once again I have found that there are some costumes/stuff missing in xenoverse 2 that could be easily added either as just costumes or entire characters made with cac so I will leave here my suggestions (updated to fit DLC Pack 3)

    Characters/costumes suggestions – not done at the time I made this list:

    • Goku Turtle Gi with Power Pole
    • Kid Gohan Armor Long Hair
    • Kid Gohan Qipao Short Hair
    • Kid Gohan Qipao Long Hair
    • Kid Gohan Orange Gi
    • Kid Gohan with Cape
    • Teen Gohan Budokai 1 Costume
    • Gohan Raging Blast Costume
    • Gohan Great Saiyaman with Glasses Costume
    • Great Saiyaman Bandana no Cape Costume
    • Great Saiyaman Helmet No Cape Costume
    • Piccolo only Turban Costume
    • Piccolo only Cape Costume
    • Piccolo Movie no Cape Costume
    • Piccolo Movie Cape Costume
    • Piccolo Budokai 3 Nail Costume
    • Krillin Cap Orange Gi Costume
    • Krillin Piccolo Costume with Cape and Turban
    • Yamcha King Kai Gi Costume
    • Yamcha Future Gohan Hair Desert Costume
    • Yamcha Future Gohan Hair Turtle Gi
    • Yamcha Baseball Costume
    • Ginyu Goku Gi Costume¬†with Power Pole
    • Hercule DB Super Costume (just change costume pallete)
    • Future Trunks Supreme Kai Costume
    • Future Trunks Budokai 2 Costume
    • Future Trunks (DB Super) Supreme Kai Costume

    Now what to make with CACx2m

    • Majin Giant Magetta
    • Paragus
    • Bojack’s Underlings
    • Mecha Frieza (with Helmet Updated)
    • Paragus Underlings
    • Grand Priest
    • Future Mai



    Like the list man. It’s pretty thorough for the DB series. I was wondering if adding Kid Goku with Shen’s Ninja Clothes and Snow Suit would be a good addition?

    Also with the Super segment of the list; is it possible to add the baseball uniforms for the Universe 7 & 8 teams? ¬†Another Idea would be Future Trunks’ Green Long Sleeve shirt he wears when visiting the current timeline.

    Anyways, Good ideas man.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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