it says failed to apply patch remove aura limit:remove aura limit

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    i cant get this to work


    So from what I have read, we need a new and updated patcher. Unfortunately the person who created the XV2 Patcher has said previously that he has discontinued his work on the patcher. So unless some else can find a way to fix this, the only other way to fix this is to rollback to update 1.07. Another unfortunate event is that I have yet to find a way to rollback to this update. Right now, unless you have not updated, we’re all SOL.


    Try this!  Edit your patch

    you can copy what I have, this started the game but you might have to do it every time you install/uninstall mods

    loose_files = true
    new_chara = false
    # It unlocks all characters (only in code, saves or any other files aren’t modified)
    unlock_chara_all = false
    # It unlocks only characters that are not selectable in base game. This includes some existing chara in the game (bulma, oozarus, etc) and chara with new ids made by modders
    # If unlock_chara_all is true, this value holds no meaning, as all character will be unlocked, modded or not.
    unlock_chara_mods = false
    # Disables or enables iggy debug (ActionScript3 trace)
    iggy_debug = false
    # It unlocks all stages (only in code, saves or any other files aren’t modified)
    unlock_stage_all = false
    # Disables internet usage by the game
    offline_mode = false
    # Enables the disabling of the game bac/bcm protection that prevents skills from being modded. This value is required to be true to mod skills.
    bac_bcm = true
    # Enables or disable the dumping of the first auto generated portait image
    # WARNING: only enable this when needed. Disable it after.
    # image is dumped to XV2PATCHER/portrait.bmp
    dump_auto_gen_portrait = false
    # Enable or disable the patch to change the offline battle timer
    # To set the time, look at the [BattleTimer] section.
    battle_timer = false



    @mrlapelle i used that but every time i go to the fight select screen it would not load and the buttons would not work.


    So, back on the anime game mod forums, Eternity himself even admitted to just pirate the game(as long as you own it) and just download the 1.07 patch. Any one tried this?


    @laoded where do i find that?


    Don’t worry about it anymore, guys. Just update the mod installer and XV2Patcher from the EternityMods website, and this error will go away.

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