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    The default transformation hair for all of them is Gokus SSJ hair, but Im using Tryzicks Black Pack on my base CAC , and I wanna use the custom Black hair for the transformations, i just dont know how to apply it, i installed all the hair patches but it still doesnt work, CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP I would  really appreciate it


    You need to set the ID of the hair to match the hair in the New Transformations pack. It’s explained in the provided guide that comes with the pack:



    4. You need to copy the emd and emm files (and emb, if it exists. Don’t worry if it doesn’t have one.) with the ID
    you want.

    5. Paste them in data/chara, and then change the ID to one of those listed below, based on what transformations
    you want to use the hair.


    Super Saiyan 1 = 297 (only hair will change, not eyes/face)
    Super Saiyan 2 = 298 (only hair will change, not eyes/face)
    Super Saiyan Rage = 238
    Divine Potential = 248
    Super Saiyan God = 249
    Super Saiyan Blue = 250
    SSB Kaioken = 251
    SSB Kaioken X10 = 252
    Super Saiyan Rose = 253
    Super Saiyan 4 = 256
    Super Vegeta 4 = 264
    Super Kaioken = 267
    SSB Kaioken X5 (Mastered skill) = 268

    Example: for SSB hair style
    This = HUF_003_Hair
    Becomes = HUF_250_Hair

    Make sure you’ve only changed the 3 digits or it wont work. If the hair doesn’t change in-game, then you’ve likely
    got the files named wrong or haven’t installed the bcs patches.

    The final step is to drag the renamed files into the HUF (if female) or HUM (if male) folder. If it’s done correctly,
    it should ask you to overwrite files, say yes to that.

    Do this again with the eyes/pupils if desired.
    Face_eyes = pupils
    face_forehead = eyes


    Thanks man, the problem was that I changed the Tryzick SSJ hair to 255 instead of 253 (Im dumb), really appreciate the help tho


    Glad I could help! 🙂

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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