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    i took a look at libXenoverse code. I will not be continuing but creating my own tools. i might use it as a reference to help with my tools i create. as for a skeleton and animation Converter, I need to learn fbx sdk if you want to export and import stuff using fbx files unless i convert the stuff into collada format which i understand mostly. unless someone can give me another format readable by blender.  i am focusing on blender cause anyone can get access to it. this is if i am still modding when i am ready to make this.

    as for now i am fixing up my Z-soul tool and getting ready to make my own skill tool.

    my own skill tool will not be like mastaklo skill tool but be something closer to how the Z-Soul Tool works. as in it will break down the file into pieces and reconstruct it. so far the plan is for my skill tool to access up to 8 files from the game. i will talk more about it in a future thread.

    Val E RyonVal E Ryon

    Yes. Skeleton converter. Please. Here *raises arms to the sky* Have my power!


    i would love to edit the skeltons
    i could do so much more imports if i could adjust the skeleton to the model and not the model to the skeleton

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    Majin PetroskMajin Petrosk

    in the skeleton and animation converter we can make for example a regular Goku with his original animation but with a tail added? (I would like to make it for my Goku without changing his animation and stance to Goku SSJ4)

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    you know i am not going to be creating a skeleton converter yet. need to figure somethings out first.  1 being format to convert it too, another is confirming the skeleton file setup.


    it seems i might not be able to do a skeleton converter.  there are 2 unknown things dario could not figure out in the skeleton file. i have no clue what they are either.



    first version of  tool for modify animation Tuto Modify Character’s Animation with Blender. not perfect, but it’s a first version.

    Have a good day.


    good job guys







Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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