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    After putting some mods on my Xenoverse game I decided that I wanted to go online, so I took off the mod. After I did that I replaced everything with the original files that I had in the directory. I start the game, and remembering that I took off Unlock Potential I went looking for it to equip it and found nothing, went to my bag to make sure that the skill was there and still found nothing. I thought something was wrong my dlc pack 3, but yesterday I got Emperor’s Death Beam, and the quest were still there. As well as, the results from the training I did with Elder Kai along with his dance thing that you get when you complete his quest. So if anything it seems like the mentor/master training skill itself is what has the problem, and not the dlc 3 pack skills themselves. I also deleted the game and reinstalled it and the problem is still there. If there is a fix for this the help would be greatly appreciated, and yes I do meet the level requirement as well. Looks like the pic won’t show so nevermind with that I suppose.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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