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    There is barely anything for modding on Xenoverse when it comes to consoles, but with hex editing, you can.

    What you need:

    A usb


    HxD or another Hex editor


    1: Get your save onto your usb

    2:Put usb into computer and open Horizon

    3:Find your save and Extract it somewhere on your computer

    4: Open HxD, press Ctrl+F and make sure the search direction is on “All”, then put in your character’s name.

    5:Youll see this:

    Yellow: SupersĀ  Green: UltimatesĀ  Red: Evasive Skill

    On this character I have;

    Death Crasher 00 F3

    Bloody Sauce 02 15

    Whirlwind Blade 01F5

    Darkness Mixer 02 14

    Villainous Mode (Super Saiyan 2) 15 9E

    Baked Sphere 15 9B

    Energy Boil 29 2C

    An easy way to do this is to find the name of your character then press ctrl+F , switch the “Datatype” to “Hex Values” and the search direction to “Forward”. Then type in the value to your moves you want to find.

    6: When you are done save your file

    7: THIS IS VITAL. Go to Horizon and press “Quick Fix”, Failure to do this will mess up your save.

    8: Press “Inject File” then either “Use this Profile” or “Skip this Step” only the first if your profile is on your usb.

    9: Load up the save in your game.

    Youre done. Those moves will stay on your character.

    However, if its a move you cant get or do not have it will dissappear and youll have to hex it on again.

    Its also possible to mod presets.

    What I showed you is what will be put on your character that was in TokiToki city before you modded it. But look at this.


    The code under the Blue Highlight is your Preset 1.

    Your Presets are seperated by 4 FF values (FF FF FF FF) as you can see after my Evasive Skill which is 29 2C (Energy Boil). You can make out your Supers and Ultimates and change them.

    Thats all. Hope that helps the minority.


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