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    hey dudes

    i have been having a go at modding
    but i am not getting the result i want
    i have been trying to make Tapion over GT Trunk , but when i incert the files in game all i get is that the bodyparts are gone and all i get from my imported files i a big shoe in the back ground
    not sure what i did wrong
    is there any specific order or way to make the .fxb files  , like take the .esk and the bust or somthing
    and is there a specific way to export the files
    also i have looked at almost al the tutorials on the old website

    any input is apreciated

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    well i know im not suposed to bumb my own post but …….
    i need help
    just don’t know what im doing wrong
    can somone please explain , in what way do you make the .fbx ? do you take like thge bust + .esk ?
    and what is the correct way of exporting ?
    have looked at tutorials but just dont seem to get it
    plz help
    anny advice would be greatly apriciated


    ok so after a lot of trying
    and some feed back from xan , this is what i got
    what am i not doing like i should ?
    pls help ? ­čÖü

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    well ok after some more try’s
    and adding constraints to the mesh this is what i get
    and it also seems i  have taken the wrong face and sword ,

    can someone tell me what files i should take for the GTTrunks , cause i think i have taken the wrong one
    and how do you get the inported mesh to move like the original ?
    again pls help

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    got it to move with the body
    but what the h.. is this

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    i know i’m almost there
    just not yet

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    Wow, I feel kinda sorry for you. You’re trying hard but no one seems to be looking over the Help section of the forum. Also, it’s the first time I see someone trying to do a mod completely from scratch, this will be incredibly difficult because there is a LOT that the game does when representing the character models.

    I can’t help you too much since I’m mostly a beginner on this but I’ll try something.

    Try to edit each part at a┬átime, I’m sure you’ve seen that the files in the game are seperated into different body parts. You seem to have already sculpted the head and rigged it to the right bone of the skeleton, so I think you’re converting the character’s skeleton along with the emd file. That’s good. Do the sculpting for each body part and remember to rig the right parts of the mesh to the right bone of the skeleton. If you need more help in rigging the mesh to the bone, check This Tutorial.

    After you’re done with the model, you’ll need to get the textures right. The files that deal with the textures are the .emb files. The dyt files control the colors themselves while the others give you the “black anime lines” and the wounds from battle. There’s a tutorial here┬áthat shows you how to edit the dyt texture files. This Tutorial explains how to deal with the other texture files.

    Finally, you’ll need to assign those textures. This step is usually not needed since everyone I’ve seen bases their mod on something that the game is already providing. But basically, the .emm files control which textures go where. You’ll need to assign material names to parts of your mesh. Then you take those material names and use them in the .emm file to get them to take the right colors. There’s no actual tutorial for this since, like I said before, most people don’t need this step.

    That’s the most I can do for you. If you need something better you’ll have to wait for an experienced modder to guide you.

    Val E RyonVal E Ryon

    Mmh. I’d agree to most what TomPen94 said. But since you really seem to have done it from scratch (really dude? you’re awesome!) I’d say your approach of sculpting the whole body first is the right one. I only recently started modding in Xenoverse and I still have to fight a load of troubles, but from my experience with other games sculpting a model from scratch and breaking it down into different parts before the rigging – if required – is the best way to do it to get the joints right. Judging from your screenshots I assume that’s what you’re doing anyway, right?


    Cool posts on my post !

    To be fair I didn’t make it from scratch , I DL’d a .obj and loaded it in blender I did merge the files so that it is one mesh and then made the body parts match the parts of the mesh I wanted to replace .

    I did get help from Xan and managed to get the full body,head,face,pants,rust and hair to be in game , but without colour

    But now Xan he saw me having problems , so he helpt by giving me some tips , and that helpt me to get the full body and such in the game , but he also made a tapion mod (witch looks awesome)

    So I am happy to have gotten this far , but I will get is mod instead

    And maby I Wil try a different one instead

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