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    Hey guys,

    I tested new music mod on this site to xenoverse 2 and i wanted to edit songs. I found some tools which we used to replace music in xenoverse 1. That didnt work for me with this game. I’m just trying to edit xesc87’s mod. Opening .awb file is no problem. I convert mp3 files to wav in 44100 Hz, 1411 bitrate and later with converting them to hca I used 128Bit and 44100 aswell. But when i put it together again it simply doesnt work.

    First question. I found out that few tracks are the same but have diffrent length. I have to replace all this files not only one? And length have to be the same as previous ones?

    Second question. Theres diffrent Hz and bitrate in Xeno2 compers Xeno1?

    Sorry for my london.


    Question 1 : u can also chose to cut a track and put it on “dont loop” making it immediatly stop after 1 run or loop it so it repeats with a fade out so the length wont matter , use Eternity’s audio tool for this (u could also record a 1 sec audio file with ur mic muted and put that on no loop will work too, did this myself to be able to change the intro and the audio of the game without it interfering with my intro movie)


    Question 2: XV2 is more hq and has higher bitrate then 1 but im not sure how much i think it is 44Khz

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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