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    Plan (not in order):
    – Upload gameplay videos of released mods (facing issues with computer, thus i can’t record gameplay :\ )
    – SSGSS Redesigns
    – Create alternate color mods based on Budokai 3 (and other video games or official stuff, with some custom additions by me)
    – Broly Shadow Dragon LSSJ5 (check my deviantart for reference) and Demon God Form (first one is done, demon god form is still being planned)
    – Demon God Vegeta (will replace SSJ4 Vegeta)
    – Silver Cell (Similar to Golden Frieza, Will replace Dark Cell)

    Note: I provide a list of exactly what attacks I gave the character for the mod, and same applies for the auras. but I will not provide files that are edited for that because I do not wish to replace anyone else’s files, and instead, when you apply the mod you can, by yourself, give the character the aura and attacks you see fit for you without impacting other mods you have in your game 🙂 (for a tutorial on how to change the auras or attacks, check out the tutorials section on this forum, it should be very easy)

    Upcoming! – Alternate Colors Pack
    What to expect from this mod pack:
    – Shading Texture Changes: ALL characters will have alternate colors and more smooth shading/colors, all inspired by DBZ games that had alternate colors for characters, as well as official merchandise or images that showcased alternate colors for some, with a few liberties taken here and there.
    – SSJ forms will be re-designed in terms of color as well:
    a) SSGSS will have darker shades leaning towards teal
    b) SSJ will have red eyes (like toriyama’s first sketch for the cooler movie) and hair color will be fixed by inspiration from the colored manga chapters
    c) SSJ4 forms will be done like the alternate colors in Budokai 3 and Tenkaichi 3
    – Some awesome references like Burter having the colors of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles xD
    – Much, much more…
    Preview Gallery

    Mystic FnF Saiyans
    Had this idea while doing the alternate color pack (almost halfway done). I don’t know why i didn’t get the idea to make this when i did the ssj and red ssgss recolors. Very simple mod. The eye color thing was a mistake: i forgot to do goku’s eye color and I thought it was cool looking, so I did something else for vegeta.
    Mystic/Ultimate Goku / Mystic/Ultimate Vegeta

    Demon God Goku
    One of my best, if not THE best ideas and mods so far… The idea sprung from out of nowhere, and this… monster… was born.

    SSJ5 Goku and Vegeta (Blazejecar Style)
    The Super Saiyan 5 transformation… the thing that broke the internet with all DBZ fans awaiting the rumored DBAF to come… with many people adopting the idea or creating their own, my friend Blazejecar used the idea for his own animated DBAF series, and came up with a different scheme for Vegeta, based on a few factors that are in his fanfic. Thanks to HeirTalent for the AMAZING ssj5 hair on both characters. without him my mod would have just been a regular texture mod.
    Replaces: SSJ4 Goku and SSJ4 Vegeta
    SSJ5 Goku : his shoes are like those of his Z outfit
    SSJ5 Vegeta : black and yellow (officially in blazejecar’s story)
    SSJ5 Vegeta (alt) : one that matches Goku’s color scheme for those who prefer the good old unified ssj5 design

    Super Saiyan God Vegeta – Battle of Gods/Cell Saga outfit
    What if Vegeta was chosen as the Super Saiyan God?

    Platinum Frieza
    Admit it, you also probably wondered what frieza would look like if his form was silver instead of gold… Cause I did, and I freaking love how he turned out 😀

    Red SSGSS (SSG Colors)
    I love the blue color, but I wondered what it would look like with the SSG colors… I was not disappointed. Again, i still like the original color more, but this one is still badass.
    Goku / Vegeta

    Gold SSGSS (Regular SSJ Colors)
    At first I thought that SSJ colors would look cool on the FnF outfits, so I made this… I still prefer the blue color, but I wanted to share it anyways.
    Goku / Vegeta

    Super Saiyan God Gohan
    What if Gohan was the one chosen to become the Super Saiyan God?

    True Super Saiyan Goku/Vegeta/Gogeta
    My own idea of the ultimate saiyan transformation, i came up with this idea as a remake of ssj4 (before FnF was even announced)
    Download (3 in 1 pack)

    Golden SSJ4 Goku/Vegeta/Gogeta
    The infamous idea of “SSJ4 should be gold”, this was my first ever actual mod in xenoverse that wasn’t a test.





Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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