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    Hi! So I try to change┬ámy char’s SSJ hair color to Gray, I get the dyt.emb, unpack it, edit it and then when I repack it and try, my char’s hair becomes yellow-ish and then it stars flashing with random colors. Why is this happening? What am I doing wrong? ­čśŤ

    PD: I used paint.NET and saved the .dds as DXT1.

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    Val E RyonVal E Ryon

    If you’re using the Goku SSJ hair I gave you a few hours ago, then it’s because it has 2 hairstyles that overlap. You applied a different texture layer where the slot that’s used by the SSJ hair has been filled, thus it’s not an alpha layer anymore.

    Furthermore DXT1 is not supported by Xenoverse, you have to use DXT5


    I’m using a SSGSS goku hairstyle, though I still want the SSJ goku’s hair.

    I’ll try DXT5 and see what happens, thanks again for your time Sir.

    Edit: Done!

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