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    Okay I’m new to this mod thing but I have been wanting to try them out for sometime now. But I am unsure of how to proceed. I have the XB1 version XV2. And I am not familiar with how too put the mod on my XB1.


    This might be a stupid question since I never see anyone asking about it specifically, but when I use hair/eye change transformations for lazy-bone’s pack, the hair mod that I installed functions just fine, but the eye model of the form for some reason alters to the default eye model. I use eye option 8, how exactly do I alter the transformation to stay consistent with that model?


    Hey can u tell me how to delete skills in xenoverse 2 PC?


    Hey man, I’m new to modding for Xenoverse 2, and every time I apply the modded transformation from lazybones, it gives me that infinite loading glitch and I have know clue how to fix it. Mind if you (or anyone else that knows how to fix it) help me?


    Hi i am kinda new to the modding world i started downloading mods and installing them everything worked fine the first 2 days but after a few days later i didn’t play at all , i took my time only downloading mods when i tried to play today all the mods worked perfectly but i found a problem in the game , i can’t open the time rifts anymore and no mentor appear in conton city , i have like over 400 mods installed so i can’t figure out which one is the cause so i hoped you guys could help me found out which kind of mods can do this kind of problem
    And thanks in advence

Viewing 5 posts - 106 through 110 (of 110 total)
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