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    Hello, my Name is Monika/Pulp and i’ve decided to resort to the people after searching for a specific answer for a long, long time. For about a year, actually.
    “How do you edit story events in Xenoverse 2?”
    This is the main question I want to ask. It’s been in the back of my head ever since a year ago, me wanting to up my modding game for Xenoverse 2. I know the current knowledge I possess is minimul at best, but I wish to call more on 3D model importing and creating models later on once i’ve mastered what I need too when it comes to messing around in the games’ files.
    “Why resort to tutorials and Forums?”

    As i’ve previously stated, i’ve been searching around for this answer on my own, pocking and prodding into the game, looking through the tools of this and animegamemods forums, and mainly just trying through work and error. So far, all i’ve learned was with little help and just a few pushes in the right direction through these forums. I wouldn’t resort to this if I wearn’t completely lost by now.
    “Why don’t you go onto the discord and ask? You’ll get a reply quicker that way.”
    Mainly because I don’t feel SAFE on discord, not anymore at least.. That’s a whole nother can of worms, however.
    Either way, here is an example of what i’m talking about.
    It’s a pretty new video, so I know at least ONE person knows how to do this, either by hex or simple tool editing. I also gathered tools for editing, but I can’t find them in the X2 directory where I put them. Most likely they’re outdated by now.
    tl;dr, I just want to learn how to edit story events like in the orange link above.

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