Replacing Hair/Eye/Forehead dyt for Transformation issue

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    Issue: Replaced Hair/Eye/Forehead dyt for specific transformation in mod breaks after installing the Character as an X2M.

    Before X2M Export –
    After X2M Export –

    Mod version: Lazybone Transformations v1.82a ( )
    Files used: Super Saiyan 1/G/B transformation (with required files), Super Saiyan 4 transformation (with required files), supplied Super Saiyan God Hair/Forehead/Eye dyt
    Optional: supplied 003_Face_forehead, supplied 020_Face_eyes, SS4 Hair ( )

    Program versions: Eternity’s tools (xv2patcher v1.2, CaC2X2m v0.4, xv2installer v0.9); Xenoverse 2 patch v1.07.00

    Observations while messing around:
    Hair and face will flicker between various colors depending on angle of camera.
    Altered Hair/Eyes works on other transformations with the original dyt (Super Vegeta 4 Example: )
    Replacing the dyt files in the X2M Character folder with working version doesn’t solve the issue.
    Having the skill linked/embedded results in no change.
    For kicks, I placed a copy of all HUM and X2M Character files related to SS4 and Super Saiyan God in both HUM and X2M Character folder and no found no change.
    Reinstalling Transformation mod after installing character resulted in no change.

    Don’t know if it’s either the CaC2X2M program or the Skill that’s causing issue, nor what else I could do to try and fix it. Any help?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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