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    Val E Ryon
    Val E Ryon

    Hello dear Dragon Ball: Xenoverse community.
    I know, this topic has been spoken of several times in the past and since the relaunch of this website it has gotten a little better.
    Still, many of us are pretty frustrated by the constant reposts of our work, and there are some black sheep remaining that ignore our wish of respecting the time we put into what we release for your enjoyment.
    This frustration will eventually lead to us releasing no more mods!
    There are already some of us who state that they lost interest in doing what we’re doing under these conditions.
    Today we noticed another mod pack that includes content the uploader did not ask permission for:

    If you truly enjoy what we do for you you can support us by:

    • downloading content ONLY from the sources stated by the creator himself
    • boycotting sources that are obviously offering stuff for download they did not create themselves
    • reporting “stolen” mods to the creator of said mod, if you recognize the content and happen to know the modder who made it
    • downvoting such “stolen” mods (no matter if it’s on youtube, on or here on )
    • leaving comments that inform people of the mod theft

    This would indeed encourage most of us to continue to work on content you might like.
    Please do the right thing.
    Thank you for your time.

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    In the description of the video the guy credited all of you. I don’t see the problem. If you all create mods for our enjoyment than why do you have a problem with people reposting them even when they credited you for the mod. I can understand if they stole it and claimed it as their own work but in the video the uploader credit everyone. If you have that much of a problem with people reposting mods even when you are credited for it than clearly you aren’t making mods just for everyone’s enjoyment. I’m not trying to be rude here. I just don’t see the problem. If permission is absolutely needed than should we ask dimps permission to use any files from the game they made? What if someone makes a mod that everyone loves but they used a part of someone else mod to make there mod and they even credited the original creator. Should everyone not be able to enjoy that mod because he didn’t ask for permission?

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    Pape Efun

    My thoughts exactly, saiyanzero. I recently made an ssjgod for custom characters using parts from two different mods. I added credit too, of where I got each part, but they were never all used together this way to make ssjgod, only for separate transformations(blue and ssj4) and it was still taken down. I put it onto mediafire, you can look at it for yourself.


    Dan Mark

    Honestly? I can see the point of not reposting mods and such. Honestly it should be up to the user whether or not to post a ‘stolen mod’, as mods should be open sources and such. After all, it doesn’t take much at all for entire modding sites to disappear, causing the creations on said site to also go.
    However, there should definitely be a culture against doing so. The only case I can truly see it acceptable is in a situation like MUGEN where the characters are completely unable to be downloaded, but because of various compilation/database sites, old character are available once more.
    In other words; strongly discourage (I.E. Downvote/point out like Val said), but don’t make ‘illegal’/put rules against unless it’s a duplicate/pointless compilation on the same site the mods are available on, because who knows what could happen if the only source to download a mod goes down.

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