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    This version of AF has no contact with GT EXCEPT the fact thats there is SSJ4. In this world AFTER DBZ’s events only 3 years has passed AND GOKU DID NOT GO OFF 10 YEARS OR WHATEVER TO TRAIN UUB, he trained him for these 3 years. This will also consist of Super AF Characters. Dragon Ball Super’s Version of AF(Basically Characters with Transformations that either dont exist YET or just dont exist in DBS) Please note that base versions(non transformed) characters are always fine to make, sometimes i may say SSJ-SSJ4 and forget to say BASE – SSJ4. Remember though alot of that stuff is optional.

    Each list of characters can always be added at certain times kinda like as if they were DLC. so like if someone decided to make this, They Start by making SSJ4 Goten, Trunks and their fusion Gotenks, they release it as something like “REQUEST AF Pack, DLC 1”, and so on. Just remember these are all DLC Characters so not everyone one of them has to be added but eventually i want them all to the point where they are added which would be nice, and if they are too many characters for even 1 dlc, then just considered it as an extra dlc. All DLC must each have a minimum of 4 characters if you rather release the dlc with certain characters. Like below if you see certain dlc like 4 & 5, 6 & 7. That can be changed to 4,5,6,7,8,9,10. That way its minimaized but im just sayaing, do it however is the easiest.

    Characters and Variants:(some are optional)

    DLC 1

    1. SSJ4 Goten & Trunks + Gotenks

    SSJ4 Goten (Orange Gi)

    SSJ4 Goten (Adult Orange Gi) (Optional)

    SSJ4 Trunks (Normal Gi)

    SSJ4 Trunks (Adult Normal Gi) (Optional)

    SSJ4 Gotenks (Metamoran Clothing/AF Clothing)

    SSJ4 Gotenks (Adult) (Optional)

    DLC 2. SSJ4 Gokhan, Vegito, and Base-SSJ3 Gokhan

    Just remember if its SSJ4 theres only pants unless its a dance fusion

    SSJ4 Gokhan (AF Clothes) (Techinally Optional but you have to choose one if your gonna make this pack for me & anyone else who wants it)

    SSJ4 Gokhan (Orange Gi) (Optional)

    Base – SSJ3 Gokhan (It could be just Base or Just SSJ, there doesn’t have to be ssj-ssj3 but it’d be cool with the transformations to have that or at least seperate characters.) (Orange Gi) or (AF Clothes)

    SSJ4 Vegito (AF Clothes)

    SSJ4 Vegito (GT Clothes) (Optional)

    DLC 3. SSJ4-5 Broly, Buu Broly SSJ4 Absorbed, SSJ4 Trunkten, Krillin (Power Unlocked), SSJ5 Gogeta, Cellza,  Xicor. Golden SSJ4 Vegito

    SSJ4 Broly (AF Clothes)

    SSJ4 Broly (Alternative Colors) (Optional)

    SSJ5 Broly (AF Clothes) (Optional if you want)

    SSJ5 Broly (Alternative Colors) (Optional)

    Buu Broly SSJ4 Absorbed (basically giving Buu somewhat more muscle mass and giving him  his clothes and some of broly ssj4’s skillset.

    SSJ4 Trunkten (Potara Clothing) (When in dire need of more time with fusion, Trunks and Goten do a fusion and blah blah blah potara blah)

    Krillin (Unlocked Potential) (No hes not old, it was only 3 years so yeah, this version Krillin is as powerful as an SSJ2 and of course he came in handy against certain “Enemies” during AF)

    SSJ5 Gogeta (Metamoran Clothing) (Events AFTER xicor 1 year later, Broly returned and became an SSJ4 that mad power was almost unbeatable BUT Goku and Vegeta had come out of the Hyperbolic Time Chamber(3 years in the HTC) and had trained their “ssj5” to the point of mastery. Still Broly was too powerful, Goku and Vegeta(after some time of convincing) Fused into Gogeta, was able to stop Broly, at least until an Evil Buu and absorbed him(no this doesn’t make any sense, but play along)

    Xicor (AF Clothing) (Basically everyone’s favorite fanmade villian as the first saga villain.)

    Cellza(Just something i thought would be cool to have) (Optional)

    Golden SSJ4 Vegito (Potara Clothing)  (In this form this was made in the last small part of training in the HTC they unlocked, though it was hard to figure out they finally were able to get in the form again. Since the fusion is so powerful it only lasts 45 minutes, Before they became Vegito their SSJ5 Fusion ran out and they weren’t able to hold off in the nick of time, SSJ4 Trunkten and SSJ5 Gohan, stalled Buuroly before it was too late and at the last minute(as usual) The Ultimate REAL Ultimate Fusion was born. Though in the end Goku used an Ultimate Spirit Bomb to win, in gt when they fought Shenron i thought using the spirit bomb to finish him off was a great idea, so ya know.)

    DLC 4 & 5 . Majuub (Elder Kai Unlock) (Why Not its for fun!), Gohan SSJB, Piccolo (Namekian God) (Mastarmedia inspired.), Raditz SSJ3 + Raditz SSJR. Gokhan SSJB, Vegetrunks (SSJ-SSJB & SSJ-SSJ4), Tiencha, Krillin(DBS Hair Unlocked Potiential), Pikkon(This isn’t AF but i still want him), Kien(Krillin + Tien), Yamillin(Yamcha + Krillin Fusion), Frieza (Augmentated Forms 1, 2 & 3.), Goten SSJ2(Child, Also why not just sounds interesting to me).

    Majuub (Elder Kai Unlock) This is Optional but if i were to make a manga out of this he would be important to the story.

    Gohan SSJB (Orange Gi) Techinally i think there is a mod for this but just incase i’ll leave this hear.

    Piccolo (Namekian God, Demon Clothes) This is MaStar Media Inspired i thought it’d be cool to be able to play piccolo like this. It is Optional

    Raditz SSJ-SSJ3 + Raditz SSJR. It is Optional but it’d still be cool.

    Vegetrunks (Potara Clothing) a fusion of Future Trunks and Vegeta, Of course this irrelevant to the story but still a cool fusion. SSJ-SSJB and/or SSJ-SSJ4 (OPTIONAL)

    Tiencha (Metamoran Clothes) an Interesting fusion that would be cool to have but its optional

    Krillin (DBS Hair Unlocked Potiential) The version of krillin with cool hair but unlocked potential like the other one i made. So only difference its DBS Badass Hair (OPTIONAL)

    Pikkon (Normal Clothing) Again not AF and it is optional but it’d still be cool to have.

    Kien (Potara Fusion) This version of Krillin and Tien is the Potara but oddly the fusion only lasts 24 hours. (OPTIONAL)

    Yamillin (Metamoran Clothing) Just where Yamcha and Krillin fuse together (OPTIONAL)

    Frieza (Augmentation) Frieza where in one point of time Frieza trained and learned to Augment far beyond any other (frieza race). (OPTIONAL)

    Goten (SSJ2) This is just for fun (OPTIONAL)

    DLC 6 & 7. Future Gohanks (Base – SSJ4), Gohanks (Base – SSJ3), Kuriza(Everybody’s favorite af son to Frieza), Goten(Pure Sayian, Base – SSJ2), Gohan (Pure Sayian, Base – SSJ2), Trunks (Pure Sayian, Base – SSJ2), Genome (DBH, Yeah its NON AF, but i thought Genome looked cool), Nappa (General), Nappa (General, Base – SSJ2), Vegeta(Royal Armor), Gothan( a made up fusion of Gohan and Goten).

    To Start off, i wanna note a few things such as, some of these characters are AUs but also considered AF. Pure Sayian means if they weren’t hybrids which basically means their mother wasn’t an earthling. Nappa (General) is where he has the Royal armor instead of his basic sayian armor. so AU where frieza didn’t kill the sayians and kept them alive longer(which alot of ppl including me have made or is making fanfictions of.) and in a few variations where he has  a son named Kuriza. Gohanks and Future Gohanks are basically DB Fusions, fusions but Future Gohanks gets Base – SSJ4, and Gohanks gets base – ssj3 unlike the actual thing in the game. Remember Gohanks is the non future one and is a child. Future Gohanks is an Adult and is Future Gohan & Trunks. P.s The Gohan, & Goten i will be talking about below are twins and come from what i made and making from a fanfiction. So keep that in mind.

    Future Gohanks (Metamoran Clothing) (Base) (It is Optional, but you must choose one out of the Variants.)

    Future Gohanks (MM Clothing) (SSJ) (Optional)

    Future Gohanks (MM Clothing) (SSJ2) (Optional)

    Future Gohanks (MM Clothing) (Base – SSJ) (Optional)

    Future Gohanks (MM Clothing) (SSJ – SSJ3) (Optional)

    Future Gohanks (MM Clothing) (SSJ3) (Optional)

    Future Gohanks (MM Clothing) (Base – SSJ2) (Optional)

    Future Gohanks (MM Clothing) (Base – SSJ3) (Optional)

    Future Gohanks (MM Clothing) (Base – SSJ4) ( Optional )

    Future Gohanks (MM Clothing) (SSJ4) (Optional)

    Gohanks (Potara Clothing) (Base) (Again either pick this or one of the other Variants)

    Gohanks (Potara Clothing) (SSJ) (Optional)

    Gohanks (Potara Clothing) (Base – SSJ2) (Optional)

    Gohanks (Potara Clothing) (Base – SSJ3) (Optional)

    Gohanks (Potara Clothing) (SSJ3) (Optional)

    Kuriza (1st form) (The Whole character is Optional but still would be cool to have one of the variants)

    Kuriza (2nd Form)

    Kuriza (3rd Form)

    Kuriza ( Base Form)

    Kuriza (Golden Form) (Just for fun it is optional like the ones above ^)

    Gohan (Battle Suit, Child) This is the version of Gohan whos  a pure blooded sayian. Slient, Observing but also slightly gentle. Gohan has a bit of a long spiky hair(basically something like a mix of raditz’s hair, and Gohan’s hair when he was in the HTC during the cell saga) This is half a year before being trained by Prince Vegeta

    Gohan (Royal Battle Suit, Child) When King Vegeta heard of Gohan and Goten’s abnormal powerlevel of 3000 at birth, He said they will be trained under Prince Vegeta to become one of the elite. Even though this is a high powerlevel its not as high as broly’s was at birth. By the time they were about 7 they were ready to be trained and were switched with Royal Battle Suits, the strong Sayian armor there is.

    Gohan (Royal Battle Suit, Pre-Teen) Unlike some games, they said this was Gohan (Teen) when it was actually (Pre-Teen). So there

    Gohan (Royal Battle Suit, Adolescent) Again it is Optional

    Goten (Battle Suit, Child) Silent but not observing, very protective of Gohan and is quite willing, but he is also very aggressive.

    Goten (Royal Battle Suit, Child) Same story as Gohan. Remember some of these are optional but eventually if your making the ULTIMATE AF Pack which means characters from AUs, and that dont actually exist in the DB franchise will have to eventually be put in DLC.

    Goten (Battle Suit, Pre-Teen) his Pre-Teen years. Arrogant, Strong, After Frieza was defeated, the sayians were almost free all they had to do was defeat King Cold and Cooler, Cooler was the easy one since he only had 20M more on his powerlevel than frieza. (Frieza max power is 130 Million. while as for Cooler Augmented is 150-170 Million.) King cold however was able to control his final form perfectly even at his 2nd form he had a massive powerlevel of 350 Million. His Final form had a PL of 2.5 Billion! Also this is when at the time he didn’t have his royal battle suit but only for a short few days.

    Goten (Royal Battle Suit, Pre-Teen) his royal battle suit outfit.

    Goten (Royal Battle Suit, Adolescent) His Adult years, he never really wore non-royal armor after a certain point.

    Goten & Gohan (Royal Battle Suit, Child, Pre-Teen, & Adolescent) SSJ- SSJ2, This is when they reached Super Sayian. They were in the middle of a mission when Gohan was being beaten brutally, Goten got extremely angerly and Boom, he went and became a Super Sayian. Later a few months afterwards Gohan became one. They reached Super Sayian at the age of 9 just a year before becoming a “Pre- Teen”. This is when they became an Ascended Super Sayian or otherwise known as Super Sayian 2. Gohan and Goten were fighting Cooler whom apparently “Took over Frieza’s place” after Frieza was killed, no one knew why Cooler Nor Cold tried to make the sayians pay, but for all we know is that the Sayians are glad that they didn’t. Cooler apparently made the boys think that they’re parents were dead cause he killed them. He only did this cause they were no were near Cooler’s strength and wanted to see if he can make them “ascend to a new level” it worked but it wasn’t very smart. Cooler had to goto his augmentation form which he has mastered better and Cooler had  a much higher strength. The form increases his abilites 5x. It was nowhere near enough though, but his father came in the nick of time and knocked the boys out.

    Trunks (Royal Battle Suit, Child) Ok so i know why is his name Trunks still? well because why would i go and give him a sayian name its too much work. Same with Gohan and Goten. I did come up with something anyways something like Zuchh(Zuchini is what was made from) but it didn’t sound right so yeah. Trunks is Prince Vegeta’s son.

    Trunks (Royal Battle Suit, Pre-Teen) Yes he has ssj at this point and ssj2 later. Much later than Goten and Gohan.

    Trunks (Royal Battle Suit, Adolescent) Him as an Adult not much to say here except hes an commander and by the time hes an Adult( hes 1 year older than Gohan & Goten btw) The Whole Frieza family is gone.

    Nappa (General), 59 Years old, The Sayian General.

    Nappa (General, Base – SSJ2) The time he advanced to an SSJ, & SSJ2

    Vegeta (Royal Armor) Just a different Variant of Vegeta. Rememeber pretty much everything is optional.

    Gothan (Potara Fusion) When fighting King Cold, the two boys at the age of 14 (almost 15.) found some odd earrings they turned out to be a Supreme Kai’s lost earrings. Later this Kai came back and said that the boys can keep them but if they were to ever use them this will be a permanent fusion. Its more of a long story but i kept that part short. So anyways they were fighting off King Cold and decided to use the potara earrings. During the fight they actually advanced to SSJ3 but because of this 1 hr later they became unfused. However it only took 45 minutes to beat the battle. 15 minutes later not realizing they were gonna unfuse they did.

    Genome (DBH Clothing) another DBH character (DEFENITLEY OPTIONAL)


    and so on


    I want to note alot of the stuff is optional but eventually i do want all characters(not all variants) to be in dlcs if anyone ever makes this kinda of Ultimate AF Pack. So it will have up to 10 (maybe more) DLC. Each DLC has to contain a minmum of 3 characters, and a maxmum of “Infinite” so its 3+

    I may have forgot to list somethings but anyways i hope this sounds cool at least, and im glad in DBS they’re giving Krillin more screen time, i wish it would be for yamcha too i mean he is actually MUCH stronger than 99% humans, except that one percent is Krillin, i don’t consider Tien a techinal human i mean he is a triclops techinally.

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