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    Can you add UI Mastered transformation to Lazybone Super Saiyan God-Super Saiyan Blue Combo Transformation(SSG – SSB Combo Skill.x2m)? with fast transformation and  without close up camera animation except when transforming from base form,and cycle mechanic like this:SSG>SSB>UI>SSB>SSG. Double input for highest transformation and block button additional input for revert to base form(the point is, to revert back to base form additional block button input is needed so no accidental base form reversion when cycling through transformation).Add super armor and knockback effect when cycling transformation and possible to transform even when being hit.Current Lazybone SSG-SSB Combo only have animation(aura explosion but no effect) when cycling  transforming from SSG to SSB but no animation or effect from SSB to SSG,can you add the animation,aura and effect(knockback and super armor) when changing/cycling to each form?.Thanks.


    Could you make Royal Omni Super Saiyan God transformation for Cac?



    Could you make a really powerful kamehameha with a large beam?


    Would it be possible to make a menu similar to Fighter Z, where you can fast travel to points around the map?
    Thanks in advance


    beat for cac (universe mission version), starting with base-ss1-ss2-ss3-ssg and ssb, if possible and if you don’t have so many things to do, as it is very difficult to make these mods, and there are many requests that you have here,more if it’s not bother, I leave this suggestion to you , please brothers.


    Custom move set?? Anything that would pair well with DBS C-17. Brutish/stern punches through most of the combos.. Also C-17 eyes for CaC if there’s no clipping issues (such as vegitos eyes)


    Do u make hair mod? i want a Kefla transformable hair with every transorm stage for SYF (everything from normal hair when not transform to ssj1-2-3-4-God-Rose-Rose Kaioken-x10-x20-Blue-Blue Kaioken-x10-x20-Blue Evolution-UI-Master UI<with white hair>.. and many others from lazybone transformation mod such as ssj rage, ssj babidi control, vegeta ssj4….)
    I’m using Caulifla hair for SYF but it doesn’t have Blue Evolution and Master UI…    T_T

    Leon EmbersLeon Embers

    I don’t know if this is still active, but I’m hoping for a Mystic transformation that affects the hair, like Ultimate Gohan. The one included in Lazybone’s mod doesn’t change the hair at all, and I’d really like something humans can use!
    Let me know if you consider it! Thanks!

    "Cat loves food, ye-yeah yeah yeah~"


    Hi! I have a request mod hehe please accept it I really do want to have this mod but I really don’t know how to and it just makes me feel so uncomfortable
    It’s a transformation mod actually where:
    Potential Unleashed – SSJ 1 – SSJ 2 – SSJ 3 – SSG – SSB – SSB Kaioken – UI (Sign) – MUI – Super Saiyan White
    The “Super Saiyan White” inludes
    – white aura combined with the aura of the ultra instinct
    – can dodge like the ultra instinct
    – in ultra instinct the hair is like the normal hair from the normal form right? then the hair from the SSW is going to be like a super saiyan hair ( I hope you understand what I meant to explain hehe sorry :< )
    Oh and the way that it could be transformed is like if your ki is at the first bar then you can only transform at the first transformation, if the ki bar is at the 5th then you can only transform at the 5th transformation (I really hope you understand this)
    And that’s it actually. Please notice my request, i’m just requesting tho i’m not forcing you to do it. I just knew that this mod could be the best transformation mod for a SYM tho. Thank you! God bless!


    Anybody know, could you help me get the necklace Broly is wearing? 


    Yo, My man do you think you can do a ben 10 cac transformation mod for me please?


    walking animation for ui moveset pls UWU


    There’s a particular attack that I’ve always wanted to see happen. Final Atomic Shine. As for what it looks like, here’s the relevant clip:
    Final Atomic Shine


    can’t find any Niyusu Cac/spiky short hair and armor from ”Oh! New Super Gadget Lovers!”

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