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    Hello, I have a little request for you.

    I like namekians, i like their sets and how they look, but i don’t like how they move…i hate their stretch moves…

    Is possible use a namekian CaC with…maybe… Cell moveset?? or… adult gohan maybe…

    Well i don’t know if that is possible, but i say thank you


    See you all

    P.D.: Sorry for my englisht but isn’t my lenguage

    Val E RyonVal E Ryon

    It is possible. Quite easy, even:

    .CMS Editting Tutorial – Swap Character's Movingstyle

    Please, next time look into the Tutorial section of the forum before you ask for help. 90% of all questions that are asked here are answered in the Tutorial board.


    And don’t worry about your english, until you wrote “englisht” it was excellent 😛

    Dkzeria PRDkzeria PR

    Or use the CMS tool

    Welcome To The End Of Yor Life... I Promise You It's Going To Hurt!


    Hi, and thanks for your ansewrs, i try to edit the HEX files with the CMS editting tutorial and with CMS tool, but i have not idea what i doing jajaja

    I dont know anything about hex codes, wich codes i need to swap or how to use CMS tool. i try to find a basic tutorial but is so difficult…

    Thanks a lot for your help and time


    P.D.: Val E Ryon, “Englisht” was a mistake, i know how to write this word jajajaja but thanks por correction

    Val E RyonVal E Ryon

    I was just teasing you with “englisht” 😛


    No need to know anything about hex. Yes, it’s easiest with the CMStool, but to be honest it is not foolproof. If you look in the tutorial I sent you you just have to do what it says there. the bytes you have to change are in the same position for every character, they’re marked in the pictures.




    Hi all, i finally get my moveset swap, i dont know how but i did it jajaja

    no is a joke i think i understand how to do, maybe in future, i change the moveset of others characters…

    just another question…

    If i change the moveset of a humane Female (huf) and i use the future trunks moveset… mi huf will use a sword?? and need a sword to do this??

    Many thanks for all

    Val E RyonVal E Ryon

    This won’t work. The Sword is part of the skeleton for trunks, HUF doesn’t have the necessary bones.

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