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    (Towifla) Dilemma

    Well, I do not usually do this but I wonder how much acceptance would (Towifla) and not the same thing happen to

    (Caululi) that is the mod disappeared mine, first who is (Towifla) she is the merger of Towa and Caulifla, I will leave an

    image of it if it is possible that I am doing it because I saw this design and I liked it but not for that reason, because the

    creator of the design recommended me to do it, I left it on hold until now if I carry a large part of the character already made,

    including that she has an exclusive moveset for her without the cane, that was also another dilemma if she left the stick but

    in the end she did not use it giving her a “new moveset”, the problem is to release her when she finishes it, since I would like

    it to happen the same as (Caululi), well I will leave images of the progress of (Towifla) meanwhile since I do not have decent

    internet and the one I am using is from my cell phone



    It will take a while if in the end I decide to release it


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    Well, I was creating “Towifla” and in the end I decided to free it to see what happens.


    I also gave her some personalized skills for her, unlike the other characters that I created “Towifla” will have to transform until her third stage;

    to get the “maximum potential” of their skills

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