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    Hi any chance someone could create a wrapped saiyan tail accessory that’s not colourable¬†, perhaps replacing the halo?

    If this already exists then I would appreciate being linked, I just can’t seem to find anything in the way of what I’m looking for.

    Val E RyonVal E Ryon

    Shadango seems to be working on it. It’s still WIP as it seems, though. Sorry if this doesn’t help you. =/


    Do you think Shadango is still working on it? Hmm any chance you know where I could find an animated tail as an alternative?

    Val E RyonVal E Ryon

    I know where to find a tutorial on how to make an animated tail for CaC, wasn’t really interested in it until now though:

    If you can’t do it yourself I’ll look into it, but I’m busy working on a few other mods at the moment, it’d take a while before I get to it. Also, the tail will be added to the pants you#re wearing, won’t be an accessory.

    As for the wrapped tail, if you’re registered at the old forum just send a PM to shadango and ask if he’s still working on it. if you’re not I’ll do it for you if you’d like.


    If you could PM Shadango I would appreciate it, if you plan on adding the wrapped tail to your to do list I don’t mind waiting for it. ¬†Much Thanks for the reply!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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