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    I find it ridiculous that more than half of the download for the game is just 10 short videos. So if anyone wants to save some space, or if the devs are reading this, then this is how you compress the videos without losing quality.

    Here’s a link to a video on .USM demuxing, compression, and muxing. –

    Or you can read the complete step-by-step guide;
    1. Unpack the “Movie/0” files, which you can do with YACE (!L5N0iZrA!2oU3tu6R2LVXTmfbRtKpAgjEgqPoo5X-AeFNsuGhvNg).

    2. Demultiplex the .USM files using VGMToolBox (, by going to Misc. Tools –> Stream Tools –> Video Demultiplexer. Select USM (Cri Movie 2) as the “Format”, and drag and drop the .USM files in there, which should output .M2V video files.

    3. Make an FFMPEG ( batch file by opening up a notepad, and typing in these parameters; ffmpeg -i input_file_name.m2v -f avi -q 2 output_file_name.avi The “input_file_name” is the name of the video (e.g. A06_00_40534656), and the “output_file_name” can be whatever you want, but for the sake of simplicity I suggest using the same name as the input. Click Save As, and name the notepad file anything you want, but just make sure that you set the “Save as Type” to “All Files”, and add “.bat” as the extension in the “File name” (e.g. run.bat []).

    4. Run the batch file, which should quickly output (speed for me was 8.5 to 9x) a lossless and compressed .AVI file.

    5. Using Scaleform VideoEncoder ( open up the compressed .AVI files (this program is why it was important that they were lossless AVI’s), and un-check the “Use Audio Track” checkbox. Using a tool like ¬†MediaInfo ( or MediaTab (, find the video’s bitrate and enter it in the corresponding “Bitrate” field in the Scaleform VideoEncoder. Make sure that “Use framerate from input file” is checked, “Preview in extended video player” is unchecked, and then click the “Encode” button. Now you should have a .USM file that’s the same size as the .AVI file you selected.

    6. Rename the new .USM files the same as the original .USM files they’re from (e.g. A06_00), make sure that they’re the only files in the folder, and using a tool like Repack CPK, repack the “Movie/0” folders back into their “Movie/0” CPK’s, as is shown here (

    7. Simply replace the original CPKs with the new compressed ones and you’re done.

    All in all the file size of the video CPKs went from being ~6.5GB to ~1.7GB; a quarter of the size, and with no loss in quality, or any audio/video sync issues at all.
    Hopefully a dev is reading this, and compresses any video files in future content.¬†Also, there seems to be a 720p version of the end credits video for some reason, so if you’re a dev then please patch it out and make sure to not include something like this in the future.


    **I used a q of 2 as with anything smaller in file size (e.g. 3, 4, 5) there was artifacting, but even paused and side by side there was no difference between a q of 1 and 2.

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