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    This is odd because I updated my patcher to fix the issue we’ve all had with the new dlc. The problem is, after overwriting all the old mod files and folders with new ones, I’ve lost my saved game data and this is very odd because why would your save file delete itself from updating mod files. I luckily had a backup in a folder and put it in my DBX2 folder, and you would think that would work but it hasn’t. What’s gone wrong.



    I had a similar problem after the DLC update…

    What Bandai doesn’t tell you is that, no matter how many backups of your save data you keep in the save data folder, the game will wipe that entire folder clean if you try to start a new game… Also, if you have save data, the game seems to erase any modded data in that save file if it detects that your save file is “corrupted”.

    This is all avoidable by going to offline mode in Steam and moving the EasyAntiCheat_x64.dll file out of the EasyAntiCheat folder.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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