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    Is it possible to separate out Saiyans from Humans? It would of course involve duplicating all of the outfits, but it would allow for a bit of customization in regards to what the outfits might look like.

    For example, you could add the tail wrapped around the waist to all of the outfits so that Saiyans would always have a tail and then you could remove the tail from all of the armors for the Humans so that they never have a tail.


    Honestly, I’m kind of curious whether this is possible as well. In *theory*, since we have access to the game’s .ean and .cms files as well as editors for them, one could rip the base game’s .cms files, direct any HU* calls in the SY* entries to SY* files, then rip the full HU* model folders from the base game and repackage it as SY* folders (with allowances for any race-only armors).

    For example, I’ve attached a picture of the “103 – SYF” entry in Data/System/char_model_spec.cms to this post.

    Presumably, you could change the ../HUF/HUF* entries to ../SYF/SYF* instead, then duplicate all the HUF files under “chara” into the SYF folder, and *in theory*, result in the game referencing a new SY* model path (and thus, different models from the HU* calls) for Saiyan characters.

    That said, doing so could potentially result in massive incompatibilities with online play (I’m not sure what data is sent out, thus potentially the other player could receive data that causes their game to crash due to referencing files that don’t exist on their side–imagine dropping into the multi lobby and causing everyone there to spontaneously crash because their clients can’t parse your model data! you’d be banned faster than you can say “DBGT is canon”!) and would definitely mean no compatibility whatsoever with existing animation-swap mods that rely on .cms files (e.g. giving SYM characters Bardock’s moveset, for example). The latter’s not that big of an issue, though, since anyone with a little knowledge of XV2Lib and the CMS editor can copy the appropriate entries. (Hell, if you know enough to alter the .cms files to separate SY* model calls from HU* ones, you already know how to change your characters’ movesets.)

    If I get particularly fiddly, I might take a crack at it myself later just for shiggles. It’d be neat to be able to use SS4 modelswaps on Saiyans while letting Humans use the original, non-fuzzy models.

    (Unrelatedly: I’m gettin’ real tired of identifying street numbers, street signs and mountains, reCAPTCHA. Still the same non-robot turbonerd musician I always was. Chill with the robot checks, yeah? I can’t even edit a post without clicking through the same damn pictures a dozen times!)

    (Also: Faq’s sake, VGM, why do you show that xinput picture every time someone inserts a file into a post?)

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    It didn’t even occur to me that it would be a huge problem for people online. I rarely play in the multi-lobby, but it would cause problems when I connect with my friend to do PQs and when diving into raids.

    It’s kind of annoying that they didn’t set it up this way in the first place. I guess they were saving space (though at less than half a GB, compressed into the ‘Data’ files, that’s not really all that much space to worry about) and they probably weren’t even thinking about opening up modding possibilities.

    I will be curious as to how your messing around with it works out if you decide to do so.

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