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    So, I’m trying to make a joke character mod right now using a HUM CaC, since I’m not a good modeler. Trying to use a custom Super God Fist, and I’ve encountered these two issues:

    • Animation does not trigger it seems.
    • BDM file is not present, so I don’t know how to edit the damage output.

    If anyone knows how to solve these two issues, that’d be great. If you prefer, my Discord is DJHammer#1597.

    I also need to retexture a few attacks, particularly Mach Punch, Super God Fist, and Final Blow. If you can do that, I’d also like some help on that as well.

    I have other issues but they aren’t on my priority list.

    (If you’re wondering, I’m just making a lame Saitama mod lol)

    Xenoverse 2 needs official mod support.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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