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    I didn’t manage to find a list of damage per skill on the web.  When you use skill, the game calculate damages with a lot of parameters, here is the formula :

    ((RacialBase*Levelbonus) + 0.01*AttributePoints + 0.025*EquipmentArrows + 0.25*WeightClass)*(1+TransformationBonus+SSoulBonus+RacialBonus)*(AttackMultiplier)=Total Damage (SOURCE, thanks a lot)

    However, skill have a “basic damage”, a value wich never change, right ? For example, with same character (same build etc), a Kamehameha will always be less powerfull than a Big Bang Kamehameha ! So, is it possible to find these value ? The skill damage ? (Searching in game file)

    Sorry for my mistakes and my bad English, and thanks a lot to anybody who will help me.


    I’m sorry to say that this is outside of my area of expertise. I’ll bump the topic so that hopefully someone more well versed in skill editing can help you out here.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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